Advanced Voice & Data

TRS Telephone Systems is Killeen Texas’ oldest and most reliable source for all of your advanced voice and data needs.   From low voltage cabling, including CAT 5E, CAT 6, Fiber and CoAx, to business telephone systems, voice mail systems, unified communications and even all of your data and networking needs.

From infrastructure design to implementation and installation, TRS TELEPHONE SYSTEMS is your single source for friendly, knowledgeable and professional consultation and service…. Actually…

Our Specialty Is Saving Your Business Money!

That’s right, we can save your business money – month after month after month.  Our goal at TRS is to help you keep more money in your business all the while improving your systems and services – giving you more features, improved call-handling and efficiency.

We save your business money in a variety of ways, and the easiest way to describe it is like this:

Have You Ever Realized That It’s Always
What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know
That Costs You The Most Money?

Well, we make sure you know all of the unknowns available to you and your business, that way you can’t be led astray by some slick salesperson who’s only goal is to make the sale.

Just as a side note:
TRS has been here since October of 1983, and not once have we ever had a “cold-call” salesperson. For more than 28 years we’ve relied solely on referrals and word-of-mouth (plus we do have a little yellow page ad – but I’m almost certain that it hasn’t paid for itself in years)…  And, there’s no way we could be here this long if we were’n providing great service and high quality products.


Let me be clear…


We Save Your Business Money By Providing High-Quality Equipment and Professional Services!

If you look at it from the VOICE / Phone System side, we save your business money by:

  1. Providing your business with the World’s Number One Phone System, and yes, it is also North America’s Number One Phone System – Panasonic.
    • Provides one of the Longest MEAN TIME BETWEEN FAILURE Ratings in the industry
    • Voted as MOST USER-FRIENDLY Telephone System
    • Virtually Unlimited Feature and Growth Capabilities
    • Completely Backwards Compatible – maximizing long-term investment value
  2. Helping your business update your current telephone and Internet services that LITERALLY Can Save Your Business Up To 80% Each And Every Month
    • Utilize the same Nationally Available Phone Service that GOOGLE and other large corporations use
    • Unlimited Local and Long Distance, plus Discounted International Calling available
    • Keep all of your same telephone numbers, just get better features
    • Add new numbers from anywhere in the Continental United States

From the DATA / Networking side, we save your business money by:

  1. Providing your business with Pro-Active Service and Forward Thinking Solutions
    • Service designed with your best interests in mind
    • Attention on immediate needs with special – and definitive – consideration given to your future needs
    • Remote Systems Monitoring and Administration, plus Onsite Service and Administration
    • Standard and Specialty Software and Application Support
  2. If your network is designed and implemented correctly You Do *NOT* Have To Have A “Managed Services” Monthly Maintenance Plan
    • Your business is more than just some I.T. company’s “mailbox money” – and should be treated as such
    • Define, design and implement optimal platform and appropriate standards for new networks
    • Define, modify and upgrade your current network to the optimal standards
    • Monitor, maintain and initiate Critical and Security Updates
One thing you’ll learn about TRS TELEPHONE SYSTEMS is that we actually do care about your business.

Our goal is to develop a partnership with our customers and become, not only their trusted source, but also their partner in success.  The more money we can help your business save, the more money you can have to do bigger and better things for your business, so the more you appreciate our services.

Look, at this point, I truly believe the best thing you can do for your business is call us today at 254-526-8900 or use this CONTACT FORM to connect with us today…  Your business could start saving money as soon as tomorrow.


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