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Service By Building Trusted Business Relationships.

Our customers don’t just need a person that can sell and install some basic equipment. They need a technology partner that truly understands their business, knows where technology is going, and where they will need to focus their technology investments. TRS is committed to providing the right solution to our customers. We are driven to complete the projects and solutions on time and on budget. We also take great pride in – and welcome the opportunity – to be called upon by our clients to act as their technology consultants and be an integral part of their decision making process.

TRS is relied upon by Fortune 500 companies, national defense contractors, governmental agencies, healthcare providers, educational services, real estate brokerages, legal offices, banking and financial offices, insurance agencies, manufacturing companies and other various types of businesses to help strategize and plan out the future of their communications and technology investments.

At TRS, we don’t just sell and install communications equipment, we think of our customers and their long term goals and then design a solution that’s relevant today and ready for tomorrow. That’s a partnership with value.


TRS Telephone System Services By Category

System Installation
TRS Telephone Systems offers business and residential phone system installation services for most systems. So, even if you did not buy a Panasonic system from TRS, but do need your own new or used telephone system installed or moved, or even if you are just looking to add a new device or application to your current telephone or voicemail system, TRS will provide the professional installation and configuration services you need.


Service and Repair
Although we “mainline” Panasonic systems, we can sell and service most major brands. We have access to new, refurbished and used equipment for over 30 different manufacturers which combine for over 200 different system models and telephone types. If you need to service or upgrade your current equipment, expand your current office, or want to add a duplicate system in a new facility, TRS has the equipment you need and the experience you can trust.


Voice and Data Cabling
Cabling is the most important network decision you will make. No other component has a longer life cycle than your structured cabling system. Though it typically accounts for only 2% of your network investment, improperly designed or installed cabling accounts for 80% of network problems. TRS can help you create a plan and system that reduces the need for moves, adds, changes, and will also save you reconfiguration and installation costs.


Fiber Optic Cabling
Whether your application calls for single mode or multimode fiber, TRS can help you with all of your fiber optic needs. We’ll help design and install the correct fit for your application by engineering a complete solution so you don’t have to redo your cable two or three years from now. No one likes to reinvest in their wiring every couple of years – let TRS help you get the most for your money by installing it right the first time.


Audio and Video Cabling
Whether you are looking for a state of the art, High-Def Theater or just need help with a basic installation or any configuration in between, TRS can help. We provide all levels of Audio and Video installations from prepackaged systems to individual configurations for 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound systems. With our enhanced options for audio and video, we can provide a wide range of different applications.



Residential PreWire
Modern Home Wiring is referred to as Structured Cabling and includes cables from each individual room outlet to a structured media center distribution panel. You can future proof every room in your home with a Structured Cabling System designed specifically for your individual residential applications, including, but not limited to, the necessary cables for whole house audio, video, HDTV video, cameras and DVR, data networking, and telephone distribution.

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