TRS Telephone Systems Solutions

Installing A Panasonic Telephone System Will Provide Your Business With Immediate Benefits.

You will be able to take advantage of many different call-handling features and integrate more applications to make your day-to-day business and communication processes perform smoother and more efficiently. You will be able to connect multiple remote offices and allow tele-commuting so executives and employees can work from home. You will, most certainly, be surprised at how much more efficient your inter-office and client communications can be with your new Panasonic telephone system.


Business Telephone System Solutions By Industry

Auto Dealerships
Panasonic Communication Systems come with many business intelligent features specifically designed to help car dealerships improve their customer interactions and departmental communications. With Panasonic’s enhanced call distribution options you can always find the Service Manager by ringing his desk and cordless simultaneously.


Real Estate
Mobile phones are an essential aspect of the Real Estate industry, and Panasonic helps ensure that Agents never miss a call. Panasonic Unified Communication solutions allow Agent calls to be answered and directed (or automatically routed) to the Agent’s desk – and then, if not answered, be routed to the Agent’s mobile phone.


Legal Offices
With Panasonic Solutions for law offices, calls can easily be routed to the lawyers and staff, but what really makes Pansonic such a powerful solution for the Legal Professionals is the simple fact that all calls, incoming and outgoing, can be monitored and recorded real-time and Panasonic also allows for full call by call billing.


Medical Offices
Panasonic provides the industry’s most feature-rich system for Medical Offices. The advanced auto-attendant automatically answers and route calls to specific departments, such as appointments, insurance, prescription refills, etc. Plus, multiple the voice mail lights feature allows different nurses to share one phone but have their own mailboxes.


Dental Offices
Dentists, when compared to Medical Offices, have a different relationship with their patients. Panasonic understands this reality and provides intelligent communication systems to ensure your patients can speak to who they need to, when they need to, all the while freeing up the time of your staff to work on what really matters.


CFP/CPA Offices
Panasonic Systems are advanced, yet simple-to-use. Panasonic systems accept numerous peripherals allowing you to expand your CFP/CPA Office. They help you manage your firm with less effort, improve client service, and foster seamless communication among your staff, clients, and business associates.


Places of Worship
Panasonic Offers total communication solutions designed to meet the unique needs of today’s Places of worship. Panasonic telephone systems help keep you you connected to the community and help you manage your worship center with less effort, improve office productivity, and foster seamless communication among your staff.


Panasonic is a proven, long-established provider of smart communications solutions. For more than 25 years, Panasonic has been providing systems for education providers and school districts of all sizes. Panasonic’s intelligent features and applications enable you to implement enhanced office to teacher and teacher to parent solutions.


Day Cares
Panasonic helps you keep parents at ease with sophisticated communication. Panasonic offers solutions designed to meet the unique needs of today’s Day Cares, including their award-winning system proprietary mobile devices which help keep your teachers connected wherever they may be, in the classroom or on the playground.


Panasonic’s Hybrid Systems are ideal for all restaurants, diners and delis. The Single Line Phone integration allows for cost effective phones in strategic locations, and the Panasonic business telephones boast a generous, easy-to-read backlit keypad and LCD display which is great for dimly-lit areas or a bright lunchtime sun.


Hotels / Motels
Panasonic provides advanced solutions to improve overall customer service and enhance operational productivity. From the front desk to the guest rooms, Panasonic’s range of Unified Communication for Hotels and Motels have hospitality specific features built-in, including wireless devices ideal for staff, suites, business centers and offices.

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